Status effects are easy to ignore in The Division 2 — until you come across them, that is, and realise just how powerful and debilitating they can be. Our The Division 2 status effects guide will walk you through every status effect we know about, and how they can be used against both NPC enemies and other players. Click on any of the links below to skip to a particular section.

The Burn status effect is fairly easy to understand, and its function very obvious. If you are set on fire, either through a flamethrower-wielding enemy or an exploding flammable canister or some other meansyou will take a certain amount of effective health damage first to Armour, and then once Armour is depleted it will move onto Health every half-second or so until the effect wears off.

Setting NPC enemies alight will cause them to do the funky chicken as they attempt to put out the fire before they die. As is often the case with these status effect, Burn is far more effective on NPCs than on yourself, and you can take advantage of this either by destroying flammable canisters near enemies or by unlocking the Incendiary Grenades for the Survivalist Specialization. Bleed is very similar in nature to Burn, dealing damage over time to you until the effect wears off a few seconds later.

Bleeding also renders you unable to regenerate your Health for the duration. There is additionally a slight visual distortion as you are bleeding, making it slightly more difficult to spot and deal with enemies. Poison inflicts a very powerful damage over time when it is applied. Often, this can be enough to one-shot you, which makes it very important that you try to deal with threats that can cause poison as quickly as possible.

The Division 2 Skills Guide – All 8 Modules, Skills Mods, Best Skills, Which Skills to Unlock First

Certain enemies have access to Poison Ammo, while grenades can disperse a transparent cloud of poison that applies the effect if you are caught in the AoE. Certain Talents can help you to deal with Poison damage: one example is Stop, Drop, and Roll, which enables you to roll to remove poison, burn, and bleed effects once every 60 seconds.

As a player, your screen will turn momentarily white and your hearing will be muffled for the next second or two. With enemies, the status effect is far more severe, holding them still as they sway on the spot like a drunken Jack Sparrow trying to rid the spots from their eyes.

The Disoriented status effect is something you encounter very early on in The Division 2, and its effect is straightforward and rather debilitating. Against players, the Disorient status effect lowers your accuracy and scrambles your controls, making you move erratically until the effect wears off. Against enemies, Disorientation will stun them as they waver around much like Blindness and various other of these status effects.

Disruption is an effect which you may remember from a certain Side Mission against the True Sons in the earlier parts of The Division 2.

In that case, You were made aware that this effect was rendering you unable to use any of your Skills until you dealt with the source of the disruption. Disrupt is therefore very similar in The Division 2 to how it worked in The Division 1, silencing current Skills and preventing the use of future Skills until its effect wears off. Shock is one of the most powerful PvP effects currently in The Division 2, and one of the only effects that is as perilous for players as it is for NPC enemies.Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is an online action role-playing video game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft.

It received generally favorable reviews from critics, with most noting it as an improvement over the first installment.

Played from a third-person perspectivethe game is a cover-based third-person shooter with up to four players being able to complete missions together. These weapons are classified into different tiers and rarity. High-quality guns are difficult to obtain, but they have better weapon stats and "talents" that further help boost players' performance. Wearing gear from the same brand gives players a small performance boost. Each skill has unique mods that change its functionality.

The actions of individual members of a clan contribute to clan XP, which can be used to upgrade the clan for additional gameplay benefits. Washington D. Players can recruit non-playable characters by completing missions and providing supplies to different settlements.

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Recruiting them unlocks new features, including projects, which are fetch quests that reward players with gear, XP, and blueprints for crafting, which can be accessed in the base of operation, the White House. Upgrading settlements enables their expansion to include more facilities and gives players gameplay benefits such as access to their gear stash or fast travel. Finding them grants players SHD tech cache points, which can be used to unlock new perks that further enhance players' combat performance as well as granting advantages such as XP bonuses.

They can sell trinkets, which are unusable junk items that players had collected, and unwanted gear to them in order to earn E-credits, the game's currency which can used to purchase new weapons, crafting and resetting appearances.

The Division 2 Guide: How to Unlock The Gunner Specialization

The Division 2 features three Dark Zones, each of which supports up to 12 players. Dark Zones are areas in which players defeat tough enemies for valuable and rare loot, though the loot can be taken by other players. Upon entering a Dark Zone, players' gear become normalized to ensure that all players are in a level playing field. Non-contaminated loot belong to players once they are collected, but contaminated loot need to be extracted by a helicopter and players need to defend the extraction point from AI enemies and other players.

Rogue players can attack other players in the same session to steal their loot and gain XP. Once they eliminate another player, they become "disavowed", which alerts other non-rogue players. If the disavowed rogue eliminate more players, they became Manhunt Rogue in which players who kill the rogue agent will receive a huge bounty. DZ XP, which are earned by killing enemies and rogues, and can be used to unlock perks and gameplay advantages like a reduced rogue timer.

When a player reaches level 30 and finishes the game's campaign, the game-world is divided into 'world tiers', which serve as different chapters and thresholds for further increasing the game's difficulty.

Levels are replaced by Gear Score, which is calculated based on the stats, attributes, and talents of all the weapons and armor players have. In the endgame, a new enemy faction named the Black Tusk retakes all the control points players had previously liberated. By completing Invaded missions and having sufficient Gear Score, players can then liberate a stronghold, which would then allow players to unlock the next world tier.

Each specialization has its own signature weapon; a Survivalist with a crossbowa Sharpshooter with a TAC Anti-materiel sniper rifle and a Demolitionist with a M32A1 grenade launcher. The Division 2 is set after the events depicted in Tom Clancy's The Divisionin a world devastated by Green Poison, a potent strain of smallpox engineered and released in New York City by an environmental terrorist.

Green Poison became a pandemic, resulting in casualties and chaos on a global scale. Facing imminent social collapse, the United States government activated a contingent of domestic sleeper agents called the Strategic Homeland Division SHDor simply "The Division", to preserve order and continuity of government. Division agents leverage advanced technology and wide autonomy to deal with threats as they see fit. They are supplemented on the field with an advanced A. By the beginning of The Division 2most government and military personnel have evacuated Washington D.

The White House is controlled by local Division agents and a coalition of first responders called the Joint Task Force JTFworking to protect civilians and reestablish order. However, most of Washington D. Seven months after the Green Poison outbreak, several Division agents are defending a civilian settlement from a bandit attack when the SHD Network, the system controlling their advanced technology and nationwide communications, suddenly shuts down.

At a fellow agent's urging, they abandon the battle to respond to the call. The Agent arrives in Washington D. After repelling the attack, the Agent is briefed by Manny Ortega, the city's Division controller.Ubisoft has just announced Title Update 4 for The Division 2, which will allow players to use the Gunner specialization, granting them use of a large mini gun that can mow down waves of enemies.

If you've wanted to live out your commando dreams in a post-apocalyptic Washington D. The update is already live. Players who have purchased the "Year One" Pass will have the Gunner specialization automatically added to their account, which can be equipped anytime. Those who haven't purchased the extra DLC will have to take on Special Field Research, which consists of five stages of in-game challenges.

This is the fourth specialization added to the game, giving the military shooter a bit more strategic depth. It's the first heavy weapon in the game and requires signature ammo, which can be earned by killing two enemies in one continuous burst. The Gunner specialization gives players a minigun with a large belt of ammo that grants extra armor when equipped. The latest update also comes with a series of bug fixes and quality of life improvements, including a skill tree rework, changes to generic mods and updates to AI.

division 2 defeat enemies highlighted with pulse

Reddit user Hanakooh has gathered all the Field Research needed to unlock Gunner. Though this information comes from the private testing realm, it's likely to be legit.

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You'll have to complete all of these challenges in order to advance to the next stage, which can be tricky. Shocking Roach in the Bank Headquarters requires having the right electric weapon, and nobody wants to use a marksman rifle.

Capture all Downtown East and Federal Triangle control points with the Demolitionist specialization active. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.The Gunner specialization is sure to be a hit with players, as it turns a character into an intimidating tank with massive weapons.

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Players will recognize those who are using the Gunner specialization by the minigun they carry. When drawn, players have increased armor allowing them to take more damage while allies work to wrap up a task. Unlocking the Gunner requires the completion of Special Field Research challenges.

However, players who purchased The Division 2 Year 1 Pass will have the specialization unlocked immediately, and those challenges will instead reward exclusive cosmetic items. Each component of the challenges have four objectives. Players should not be distraught if they find the objectives difficult to complete, as there are currently reports by some that bugs are preventing their completion.

One way that players are creatively bypassing this bug is to head to the White House and use the shooting range for certain objectives, but this is not working for everyone. This is an easy one as Roach is the final boss of the mission. Deal with all other enemies, and then take the shock ammo that should be in the middle of the room he is located in.

If you shock him at least twice, the objective should mark as complete. Task 2: Capture all Downtown West control points while using the Sharpshooter specialization. This objective takes a little longer because control points must not be under friendly control.

If they are, you need to wait for them to be lost, and then actively capture them. Easy, but perhaps more time consuming that one would first expect. Task 3: Defeat enemies with the mounted gun in the Grand Washington Hotel on Normal or harder difficulty. This one takes a little bit of creativity. As the mounted weapon is near the beginning of the mission, you can use it to eliminate enemies, and then have your character die to the final opponent in the room, leading you to respawn at the previous checkpoint.

It seems counter-intuitive, but this is the quickest way to get those kills. We can call this one the easiest of all the challenges needed to unlock the Gunner specialization. As always with these kinds of requirements, ensure the weapon does the killing, not your skills, else it will not track towards completion. Task 1 : Set Lt. Similar to having to shock in the previous set of challenges, there again is incendiary ammo in the hall after the Mars exhibition, along the East end of the upper balcony.

Some players report that spacing out their shots, even by a few seconds, helps ensure that the hits are marked as three distinct times. Task 2: Capture all Southwest control points with the Survivalist specialization active. Like before, you may spend more time waiting for points to be lost in order to actively capture them.

Much like the marksman rifle, ensure that the weapon gets the kills without the aid of your skills or the eliminations will not count towards progress completion. Task 1: Break Sgt. This one is easier than the first two as you do not need to worry about special ammo to complete the objective. Wait for the boss to arrive and break the helmet before taking him down for good. There is an easy and a hard way to do this, depending on your friends.

If you are rolling with another player who already has the specialization unlocked, they can confuse enemies for you to eliminate, and the entire thing can be wrapped up quickly. If not, you do not really have any ways to confuse on your own.

For this, you can head to Hyena territory, or take on Hyena bounties where charging Hyena enemies wielding batons have a hip bag that can confuse other nearby enemies when shot.

It is one of the longer objectives, but still completely manageable with some patience.If you're wondering how to do the Division 2 shock Roach task, then you've come to the right place. The game doesn't really explain what it means, just that you need to "shock Roach twice". No, it's nothing to do with Geralt's horse.

If you're wondering how to shock Roach twice in The Division 2, let us explain all we know about the Division 2 shock Roach objective, and all the other Division 2 Gunner Field Research tasks.

In order to shock Roach twice, you need to replay the Bank Headquarters mission on Normal difficulty or higher. By "shock Roach", it means you need to acquire shock ammo and shoot Roach with it twice before killing him.

Roach is the final boss in the Bank Headquarters mission, but where can you find shock ammo? Thankfully, shock ammo is in the very middle of the room you fight Roach in, near the metal railings. We'd recommend loading the shock ammo into your pistol then shooting him once, waiting for the shock effect to wear off, then doing it again.

After you shock Roach twice though, you're nowhere near finished. There's five sets of objectives you need to complete, each with four tasks. You only need to do these if you don't own the Division 2 Year One Pass though, so if you do, you should have access to Gunner right away. Here's the full set of Division 2 Gunner tasks:. One of the resident guide writers around these parts, give me a game and I will write every "how to" I possibly can or die trying.

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Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. How to shock Roach twice in The Division 2 In order to shock Roach twice, you need to replay the Bank Headquarters mission on Normal difficulty or higher. Division 2 Gunner Field Research tasks After you shock Roach twice though, you're nowhere near finished.

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Capture all Downtown West control points while using the Sharpshooter specialization. Defeat enemies with the mounted gun in the Grand Washington Hotel on Normal or harder difficulty.

division 2 defeat enemies highlighted with pulse

Complete five public execution activities with only the marksman rifle. Capture all Southwest control points with the Survivalist specialization active. Defeat enemies that are trapped in foam. Complete five propaganda missions using only shotguns.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Read this Tom Clancy's The Division 2 guide to learn more about enemy archetypes! In The Division 2, enemy toughness are denoted by the color of their health bars.

Red are your standard mobs, while purple are Veterans, and Yellow are Elites.

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They are unarmored and are easy to take down. Their health color is red and a few shots can kill them. Veteran Enemies are tougher than your usual red mobs. They have a purple health bar, and are armored. They require more shots to be taken down. Elite Enemies have yellow health bars and have more armor.

Their armor must be taken out first, before they become vulnerable. Similar to elite enemies but much tougher. They have a name above their yellow health bar, and are the standard bosses for The Division 2. These are denoted by a chevron icon. They are your standard mobs that are easy to handle and have no specific weakpoints. These are denoted by a grenade icon. They usually stay mid range at a safe distance away from you and lob grenades at you to knock you out of cover. Denoted by an ammo shell icon.

Tank enemies are heavily armored enemies that move slow. They are denoted by a wrench symbol. These enemies usually deploy a turret or gadget, and can repair their own turret. They are marked with a lightning symbol. Rusher enemies rush in for a close range attack, either with shotguns, melee, or through a suicide bomb attack. They are denoted with a crosshair icon. Snipers can take you out from a distance. They are usually spotted by a bright glint of light.

Watch out for their laser as it can blind and confuse you. They are marked with a signal icon. These are denoted by a cross. Watch out for these enemies as they can revive fallen enemies! Make sure to prioritize them. Unique to the Hyena faction, he carries a riot shield which can be shot through its eye hole.

division 2 defeat enemies highlighted with pulse

You can also shoot their exposed feet. They are marked with a 3-missile icon. They are usually machine gunners that mow down agents with suppression fire. These are denoted by a flame icon.The Gunner is pretty powerful — despite the inability to take cover or mantle over obstacles, you get to lug around a mini-gun to cut down foes.

You even get some handy abilities to disorient foes out of cover. How do you about go about unlocking it though? Year 1 Pass holders have the advantage of instantly unlocking the Gunner. Every one else needs to complete a long quest to unlock it. You can pick this up at the White House Base of Operations. Also note that any required story missions should be done on Normal difficulty to make the process go faster.


First, equip the Sharpshooter Specialization and head to the Downtown West region. Capture all the Control Points. Then, head over to the Bank Headquarters mission You need to inflict Shock on Roach twice before killing him. Look for some Shock ammo or equip a Shock ability to do so. Clear five of them while only using the Marksman Rifle and nothing else. Now, head to the Grand Washington Hotel, kill enemies with a mounted gun turret.

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Head to the Southwest region of the map and once again, capture all the Control Points. No complaining either. Your next objective is in the Air and Space Museum mission. The next objective can be completely anywhere, including the Shooting Range, but you might as well do it in the Air and Space Museum.

Equip the Foam Chem Launcher and shoot enemies with it. Head outside afterwards, equip a Shotgun and complete five Propaganda Broadcast missions.

The only thing that needs to be done is shooting his helmet to break it. The next objective is about killing confused enemies. Head to Grand Washington Hotel and seek out Hyena Rushers — shoot their weak points to release green gas which will confuse them.

Farm kills in this mission to complete the objective.

division 2 defeat enemies highlighted with pulse

Finally, equip a Submachine Gun and complete five Resource Convoy missions without using anything else. Head to the Capitol Stronghold mission, defeat General Ridgeway. To properly steam-roll it, play on Normal and bring a full team. Finally, equip an Assault Rifle and complete five Territory Control missions without using anything else.