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Have you ever wondered how exactly the Mediah kingdom fell under chaos and destruction? Why are the Shroud Knights pursuing the witch Illezra? Is it Neruda Shen the rightful king of the new Mediah kingdom? This is getting more interesting than the last episode of your favourite TV show, therefore complete the renewed main story quest of Mediah to get a full scope of this mysterious story!

We also have a new in-game event will start after maintenance: complete guild missions and earn various rewards. We hope you enjoy the new events and the new additions! Adventurers who have access to Olvia server and classified as Rookie or Returning adventurers will now automatically receive Value Pack effect for 15 days. If a Value Pack is already active, additional 15 days will have been added to your Value Pack usage period.

Please check the official thread for the rewards list and full announcement! Fixed the issue where it was occasionally possible to fish at locations that should have impossible to fish at such as objects and roads next to body of water.

Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck at barricades while auto-navigating to Port Epheria. Fixed the issue where characters would get stuck in walls or obstacles while auto-navigating to Calpheon City. Your perspective on the world of Black Desert Online will broaden and a clear distinction of relationships between NPCs and associations will be made.

Black Desert Online – 29.05.2019 Patch Notes | Operation Guild Support

The first storyline opens with the 'Until We Meet Again' quest and delves into the events that lead to the downfall of Kingdom of Mediah and the siding with the Shroud Knights. As part of the Shroud Knights, you will earn about the Kingdom of Mediah and be in pursuit of Illezra. The second storyline opens with the '[Crossroad] For Altinova' quest and delves into the events that lead to the reconstruction of Kingdom of Mediah and the siding with Neruda Shen and the Shen Merchant Guild. You will endeavor to bring prosperity to Mediah again.

However, you can play it again with another character to obtain Knowledge of the second storyline as well so feel free to explore both quest lines! Adventurers who finished previous Mediah main quests can accept and progress with renewed Mediah main quests.

Adventurers who have not finished previous Mediah main quests can accept and progress with the renewed Mediah main quests only. The previous Mediah main quests will be unavailable.

Adventurers who were in progress of the previous Mediah main quests up until May 29 maintenance can finish the previous quests as well before moving to try the new Mediah main quests.Get to your next destination while enjoying the beautiful view! On the other hand, new Subjugation Quests are being added to the Hexe Sanctuary and Mediah region, so do not miss the opportunity to complete these quests if one of them appears suddenly!

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As usual, new changes and fixes have been added to the game, so keep reading to know all the details. We have sent out the Wizard Gosphy Pet for compensation of every affected pet in your possession. Please make sure to claim the coupon before August 31st, UTC or the coupon will expire. The sky balloon will arrive once you hand over your ticket to Dwarf, who is in charge of handling the sky balloon.

Once a sky balloon has been summoned, you cannot interact with Dwarf, because he will be busy in preparation for the next sky balloon. Though you can get off from the sky balloon immediately after you board it, you cannot get off once it departs. If you go back out to Character Selection screen and come back into the character en route in a Sky Balloon ride, the character would fall down to the ground.

bdo crossroad quest for altinova

There is no Death Penalty for dying from this fall but we recommend you to sit tight on your Sky Balloon ride. Once the sky balloon arrives at its destination, you will automatically get off, and the sky balloon will disappear. The Old Moon Sky Balloon has been created to help new adventurers who had a difficult time exploring the vast world of Black Desert.

Try taking a flight from Calpheon to Mediah, and get a view of the lands from high above. How about you take a special journey today with a friend on board the sky balloon?

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The creator name for PEN items will now remain even after selling or buying them from the Central Market. If you moved to another area without completing the quest at the top, then you can climb up to the top through the following methods. Fixed the issue where frame rates would drop when moving a character from a certain area at Mirumok Ruins.

Fixed the issue where characters were unable to get out of certain areas around the Gervish Mountains. Fixed the issue where Nella Encarotia would not disappear while playing the "Missing in Action" Calpheon main quest. These NPCs are no longer armed with weapons.

Fixed the issue where you could not have a conversation with Bernatisha when interacting from a certain distance. When you select the tier-5 horse which can be obtained by registering the "Seal of the Secret Guards" horse emblem, it will now be properly displayed at the Stable. Galleys, Epheria Sailboats, Epheria Frigates, and Old Bartali Sailboats can now be damaged if they have at least one passenger onboard who is at least Lv.

Fixed the issue where the character would occasionally turn its head towards the camera even in situations when it shouldn't such as while using a skill.

Fixed the issue where Stamina would recover during the cooldown for the Razor Wind skill. Fixed the issue where using the Night Crow skill towards a cliff while in Scythe mode would display an error message and bring the character back to its original location.

Fixed the issue where using the Flow: Night Crow skill on a hill would result in the character using another skill after showing a landing motion instead of showing the intended attack motion.

Fixed the issue where using the Night Crow skill in mid air 3 times while in Scythe mode and then using the skill immediately in the air again would result in showing a falling motion. Fixed the issue where Emergency Escape did not activate when pressing V while moving during the main weapon mode.Toggle navigation.

Register Restore password. Featured BDO streamer - Bloo. Now it makes sense why Neruda Shen hasn't done anything about the Barbarians. Can't you see? Neruda Shen is the head of the largest merchant guild in Mediah, yet he hasn't deployed a single soldier to address the Barbarian threat and drive them out!

I heard a rumor that the Barbarians gained recognition to self-govern their territory by establishing trade with Neruda Shen. I didn't want to believe it He's using Sirare's prophecy to incite the Barbarians to rebel and overthrow the Bareeds dynasty!

Our only hope is to reach out to the Shroud Knights, the order of knights sworn to serve under the old Bareeds dynasty. Listen carefully. If you intend to pursue the Witch, it would be best for you to find them. I can't leave my friends behind. I'll be fine, don't worry about me. Now go. Go find Sarma Aninthe commander of the Shroud Knights. It is only with their help that you have any chance of saving Mediah. Tell Neffy that I'll see her in Altinova. So you're interested in saving the villagers near the Abandoned Iron Mine.

We, too, wish to save them. Quest complete conditions. Add screenshot of this object. BBCode Copy. Comments 0. My databases Privacy Statement. Until We Meet Again.Here we are, set sail for the great expedition and search for the treasures that will make your dreams come true!

New boats, bartering, sailors, treasure chests and even more features have been added to the game with this new update. To celebrate the launch of the Great Expedition, we also have an event dedicated to it on top of the Halloween and Daily Reward Frenzy events! Are you ready to conquer the great ocean? Go fish all the information of this huge update in the patch notes below:. The Great Expedition extends the existing ocean content by adding additional maritime features to the Great Ocean content.

Upgrade your boat, hire your crew and go barter and fight monsters on the huge and vast ocean!

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Here are some of the highlights:. New boats: This new update increases the total of large ships, and also introduces brand new ships, Cogs. Trade or fight lovers, there is something for every taste. Bartering System: Cross the ocean and trade goods to receive a new currency or new ship materials. Event 3: Double the Sailing EXP for completing the following daily quests which will be offered during the event period.

Simply "post" a screenshot of you playing the Great Expedition content in-game! Be creative and fun to catch our attention. Trailer links are listed below per SNS platform.

During this event, each player who has played Black Desert Online for at least hours will receive a key code for a free coupon. To qualify, you will also have to have logged into the game at least once between August 1 and October 22, This coupon can be used by your friend to claim a free Starter's Package. Changed the location to which you are transferred when entering the Kratuga Ancient Ruins, somewhere a bit further from the door.

Receiving the reward for the 'Daily Blood Frenzy! Added a function through which a sound effect plays depending on the item shape when manipulating an item from the Inventory ex. Following the adjustments on character level to learn skills, some passive skill effects have changed.

Passive skills have been reset given their expansion, so relearning your passive skills will be necessary. You can change into those equipment items that also occupy the Outfit category Trina Demolition Axe and matchlocks only if your outfit slot is empty.

Cancelling a fishing that consumes your energy when you have equipped the Fishing Chair and remained standing without sitting on the chair will no longer make you sit, but retain your standing position. You will now be able to get the "Heroes' Song" when defeating a field boss monsters, Quint and Muraka. The Heroes' Song will be immediately used when you obtain it.

The item will recover your HP by over 30 sec. Their AP will increase even more and DP will decrease significantly after going berserk for the second time. Garmoth will not appear if the structures that appear before Garmoth arrives are not destroyed within 15 minutes. The changes in Skill EXP for each region are as follows. The Skill EXP adjustment is not currently applied and will be implemented on the maintenance of October 30th.

You can now use the Gyfin Rhasia Stone, which is intended for the main quest 'Dangerous Negotiation II' in Kamasylvia, only when you are progressing through this quest. Changed the requirement for accepting the quest 'Occupied Cron Castle' from Lv. You will now be able to obtain knowledge when defeating the following sea creatures. You can also obtain it from the hungry marine creatures and young sea monsters.

Updated the design of several minigames, including mount capturing, mount training, Medicinal Herb Device, and Crystal Extractor.Altinova is a big city built on an alluvial island that used to be the capital of Mediah.

The city was built by the Mediah Merchants Union headed by Neruda Shen thanks to the tremendous amount of wealth acquired from trade between Calpheon and Valencia. With the construction of the fortress walls around it, all kinds of residents and merchants gathered to live in the new capital city.

The events of the Three Days of Darkness happened. Illezra commanded wicked priests to engulf the entire Mediah region in complete darkness for three days. With neither sun or moon offering light, the people of Mediah had to rely on torches to ward off the darkness.

During that event Barbarians from all around Mediah invaded the city and the royal family of Mediah was wiped out in the process. Nowadays the Barbarians occupy more than half the city and it seems Neruda Shen has reached an agreement with them: he will let them live there if they serve as guards and security.

Altinova and the surrounding Mediah Content was added on March, 30, Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Neruda Shen.This week, the waterpark festival is back! Visit the Terrmian beach to find a lot of quests and minigames! New Loyal Attendance rewards are waiting for you and two new furniture at the effigy of Nouver and Kutum will be craftable.

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We also improved the auto-fishing by adding a new feature and we made changes to some Rage Absorption buffs. Keep reading to know more about these new features and the rest of the patch! Your favorite waterpark festival is back! Splash into action and enjoy playful quests under the scorching sun!

Brand new swimwear for can be obtained for the very first time through the waterpark festival. These new furniture, Kutum Lamp made of Kutum fragments and Nouver Statue made with the hide of Nouver, are interactive furniture where you receive a buff in exchange for their durability. The two buffs can be active at the same time, but the two AP boosts will not stack.

Special effects and color were added to the title of the winners of the 3v3 Arena of Arsha Official Tournament. Also, if you wish to travel to destinations other than Terrmian from Altinova, you have to purchase tickets with Black Stones as before. Some zones had their escape points set somewhere too far from the zones, which took too much time and effort to return to, which in turn wasted buffs from food, elixirs, and villas. To resolve this, the following zones' escape point was changed to the zone's General Goods Vendor.

We would have liked to announce that we've resolved all issues where characters get stuck in Hystria Ruins and other locations, but we require more time to do that. So with this patch, we've changed the location of where you are sent to when you escape to somewhere within the zone. As mentioned during Heidel Ball and our recent announcement, we know this is not a complete solution and we will keep working on it to resolve the issue.

Improvements were made so that you can no longer be invited to a party while waiting for the Altar of Blood matchmaking. For the immediate entry of each Illusion stage, the number of Nightmare Fragments required is as follows. Fixed the issue where the graphics of some of the structures of the Calpheon Castle Site were unnatural. Fixed the issue where movement was unnatural when you crossed a bridge in Calpheon City on a wagon in auto move.

Fixed the issue where characters were unable to move normally in certain areas of the Sycraia Underwater Ruins. Continuing the revamping of monster zones, this week we updated Hystria Ruins. Adventurers have to prepare a certain level of equipment to enter Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins and you must endure various obstacles, such as roaming the desert, so we think they should be more satisfactory for adventurers to conquer.

With this week's patch, Hystria Ruins is now more than twice its previous size, so now you can explore the area with ease. The next location we're looking into is somewhat similar to the Hystria Ruins, the Hasrah Ancient Ruins. Fixed the issue where the backside of the skirt moved unnaturally when the character ran while equipped with the Dahlia Nocturna Outfit. Fixed the issue where the lower area looked awkward when the character walked backwards while equipped with the Bern Outfit.

Fixed the issue where you mounted your Heilang when moving items to your inventory. Fixed the issue where Magical Evasion was not triggered after using Detonative Flow when you shift from Awakening weapon to main weapon. Fixed the issue where the spot on her left cheek preset 3 in customization F4 was blurry.

Fixed the issue where the gloves and the outfit overlapped when equipping the Blackstar Gauntlet after the Shudad Outfit.

You will be able to accept the relevant quest when Shai becomes able to ride a horse after practice. Fixed the issue where you could not obtain the Owl Horn-rimmed Glasses when you open the challenge reward [Event] Glasses Box with Shai.

Fixed the issue where the below residence install items already had their functions updated, but did not have the updates in the item descriptions. Fixed the issue where the Lynx pet could not perform the action "Sulky" even when they know it.Cant complete this quest.

Its the last quest i need in the main line. I'm at this point to. Dont trust the guy, wanted Sarma Anin quest. I accepted quest thinking the choice came after. So confused, as it still says in my quest log that I've " Path takes me to the abandon mine to a nobody.

Did I actually accept the quest for Neruda?

Black Desert Online Lets Play Part 76 Altinova Quest - Dark Knight Gameplay

And now I cant go back from It? From what I heard Makeum, you should take a look at a quest line called "rebuilding the merchants guild", and I think that needs to be completed first.

bdo crossroad quest for altinova

We reported the issue that it seems to be showing too early. Had this happen to me as well, hopefully it gets fixed soon. Did every other main quest available and it's still there. Thanks boss, double checked.

bdo crossroad quest for altinova

The issue is ive completed that quest and all others. Im completely done when posting with every other main quest. This is the only one that shows for me. Yup, so we're aware of the issue and are looking into it. I have a sneaking suspicion of what happened, but I will wait until I get an answer from the QA team who are checking it. Glad to see it's just a bug and not something I was missing.

I messed around with that quest for well over an hour trying to figure it out. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Upload or insert images from URL. General Discussion Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted March 13, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It was a cross road quest. You talked to neruda instead. Posted March 14,